I have another confession

I’m falling out of love with my boyfriend.

I just am.

I’m slowly but surely losing any feeling of connection to him.

He’s just not there for me. I don’t mean for me to cry on or anything, but to spend time with.

I thought …things would be different.  We’re not “doing it” because of religious reasons (on his part). But we don’t do ANYTHING anymore. No walks in the park, no going out to eat, no anything.

I don’t believe that he cares about me anymore, I don’t. I sometimes don’t know what to do–I’m so distraught, should I cry or laugh it off or just stay quiet? I don’t believe he considers me in anything that he does, and it hurts my feelings.

I’m lately feeling like I’m just going to break down crying, whether it’s going to happen at home or when I’m out, who knows when? I hope I don’t do it.

I don’t really feel like I can talk to him anymore, because it seems like he doesn’t have time for me except if we’re going to sleep together.

I’m not feeling this…this is part of what I left my first boyfriend over. I know that this is not the type of relationship I am happy with. I’m just so unhappy and it’s just difficult, so difficult.

I’m not an attention-whore, but I think there’s some unwritten rule that says you shouldn’t neglect you girlfriend just because you choose not to have sex!

I’m contemplating a break-up.

I have male friends, and I guess I can hang out with them (and starting this week that’s what I’m doing). But what’s the point of having a boyfriend who’s only serving half his function in relation to you?


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