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I do declare

March 26, 2010

I’m not seeking a boyfriend at this moment, I’m trying to keep myself in line. I’m going to stay away from older men, I’m so serious this time. I don’t often attract guys my age, thus when I really want a guy I tend to pick from older men because they always seem to like me. Even in high school none of the boys liked me, but men in their 30s and up always tried to talk to me, all types, I remember hating that, till—yeah.

I would like a guy who’s closer to my age.  Older guys tend to be too busy, want to get married soon and have children, and be stuck in their ways, unwilling to change. I don’t need that.

Also if they’re serious I want to see a Tacori  or something great, put your money where your mouth is. Don’t say marriage or commitment to me unless you’re giving me one of those, because until I have one on my hand, I will not be nor act committed to anyone.

I will do as I please.